Emergency in Ukraine

Helping and being helped

I am a refugee from Ukraine

During your trip, you may have come across volunteers from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The French Red Cross is here to continue to support you upon your arrival.

The Ministry of the Interior has published a brochure to summarize the essential information for your stay on French territory: click here.

Legal information

For official information about the situation in Ukraine and the arrival of refugees in France, you can visit the website of the Ministry of Interior: https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/actualites/dossiers/situation-en-ukraine (French).

You are a refugee from Ukraine who arrived in Maine-et-Loire:
– Within the Schengen area, if you have a valid biometric Ukrainian passport, you will have a legal stay of 90 days.
– You can, if you wish, obtain temporary protection for 6 months, renewable.

How to make an appointment and apply for temporary protection?
First of all, you must fill in an application form for temporary protection and put together some documents. All the information and documents to be provided can be found on this website: https://www.maine-et-loire.gouv.fr/Demarches/Demarches-etrangers/Accueil-des-ressortissants-Ukrainiens-en-Maine-et-Loire.

Secondly, you must send your file to the following email address: , or go to the reception desk at the prefecture.
The prefecture, after having verified that the application meets the criteria defined by the Council of the European Union, will contact you to inform you of the date and time of an appointment.

During the appointment at the prefecture, you will be asked to bring the documents needed to prove your situation. You will then be given a temporary residence permit for 6 months, renewable.
You will also be received by the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) to receive an asylum seeker’s allowance (subject to resources and family composition).

More information on temporary protection can be found at this link: https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/actualites/dossiers/situation-en-ukraine/information-for-ukrainian-displaced-people-and-seeking-to.

For any additional information on the right to stay, you can send an email to .

Social and professional support

Are you staying with a host family and have applied for temporary protection? You can now benefit from social and professional support (opening of rights, search for more permanent housing, professional integration, etc.) by a social worker. To do so, you must send your request by email: .


Medical consultations

You can contact the « precariousness mobile team » of the Permanence d’accès aux soins de santé (PASS) of the university hospital center (CHU) of Angers:
– by email: (with a copy to ">)
– by phone: +33 6 65 80 75 03
– by coming directly to the PASS during opening hours : more information

The PASS of the Angers Hospital Center offers access to care with medical and social support to patients in a precarious social situation. It facilitates access to the health care system.


Dental consultations for Angers and its surroundings

Please use Doctolib for dental consultations.


In Angers

In order to facilitate the reception of Ukrainian families in Angers, the City of Angers is setting up a system for the access of children to schools and to extracurricular services.

As of Tuesday, March 15, families can contact the Family Info Point at +33 2 41 05 45 80 or go to the counter at the City Hall. An appointment will then be proposed quickly on dedicated slots (several slots per day) with the presence of an interpreter to facilitate the procedures.

In a single appointment, families will be able to

– Be directed to a school where places are available for their child(ren) during school hours.
– Make registrations and reservations for all extracurricular activities (daycare, TAP) and extracurricular activities (leisure activities).
– To carry out the registration for the school canteen.


Angers Loire Metropole

Irigo offers a free one-year pass. To obtain it, you must go directly to Irigo, with the papers you received at your appointment at the Prefecture or with your ukrainian identity document.


Pays-de-la-Loire region

The Region and the SNCF Group are setting up travel facilities to help Ukrainian refugees get around. Thus, the persons concerned and fulfilling the required conditions can travel free of charge on board an Aléop train or coach. For more information : https://m.ter.sncf.com/pays-de-la-loire/se-deplacer/solidarite-ukraine.


In France

The SNCF Group is participating in solidarity with Ukrainian refugees alongside other rail operators in Europe and is allowing people fleeing the conflict to travel free of charge on its trains in France and to European border destinations. For more information: https://www.sncf.com/fr/groupe/gratuite-trains-refugies-ukrainiens.

Emergency number

Good to know: in France, our emergency number for English speaking people is the 112. It can be dialed for free from any phone.

Your arrival in Maine-et-Loire

At Angers, Cholet or Saumur, the French Red Cross is here to help you, to help the people offering you accommodation and to facilitate the meeting between you.

Discover on this page the advices for a serene meeting.

The French Red Cross also offers differents actions in Maine-et-Loire, depending of your needs.

Our actions to help you

In Maine-et-Loire, the French Red Cross offers different actions, accessible according to your needs.

To have access to the differents kinds of help in Angers, Saumur or Cholet, two choices are possible:

– Contact us by mail at ,
– Fill in this contact form.We speak French, English, Ukrainian, German and Russian.

Actions in Angers

Solidarity store

A store where items are really cheap (free on certain conditions). For clothing and toy needs.
Link to the dedicated page (French) : https://maineetloire.croix-rouge.fr/boutique-solidaire-angers/.

Special opening, with a translator present (subject to availability):
– Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Regular openings :
– Monday, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
– Wednesday, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
– Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Baby-Parent Home

A space were we can advice about kids, and give you milk, diapers and baby bottles (for kids up to 2 years old).
Link to the dedicated page (French) : https://maineetloire.croix-rouge.fr/accueil-bebes-parents-angers/.

Open Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.
To make an appointment: .

Distribution of personal hygiene products

The hygiene kits are distributed free of charge. They are kits containing a toiletry kit for about 3 days: toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo, mirror, hairbrush, condoms, etc. The contents of the kits are differentiated for men and women (menstrual pad).

Meetings between Ukrainians around the learning of French

Our volunteers organize meetings between Ukrainians around the learning of French in order to promote integration into French society and to create links between families.

These meetings and learning sessions, adapted for children and adults, take place at the local unit of the French Red Cross in Angers, 17 rue Le Nôtre in Angers.

On registration only: .

Mediation and link between hosts and guests

Assistance in maintaining family ties and access to the Internet

A computer with Internet and webcam is at your disposal to allow you to have access to your mailbox (mails) and to communicate with your relatives (Zoom, Skype, etc.): from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 12 pm or by appointment to be requested via the addresses or .

To prevent loss of contact with your loved ones, download the International Committee of the Red Cross’ tips:
– in English : page 1page 2
– in Ukrainian : page 1page 2
– in Russian : page 1page 2

Restoring family links: if you are looking for a missing person, contact us at .

For more information, you can contact us at .

Actions in Cholet

Clothing shop

A store where items are really cheap (free on certain conditions). For clothing and toy needs.

For more information, you can contact us at .

Actions in Saumur

Food distribution

For the needs of food products.

Clothing shop

A store where items are really cheap (free on certain conditions). For clothing and toy needs.

For more information, you can contact us at .

The return to Ukraine

Aware that the situation is temporary and that each refugee will have the ambition to return to Ukraine once the situation is resolved, our volunteers will be present to help, if necessary, the return to the country.

I welcome one or more refugee from Ukraine

The French Red Cross in Maine-et-Loire can help you as a host.

I want to host one or more refugee

If you want to offer housing, here is the information given by the Prefecture of Maine-et-Loire.

The inhabitants of Maine-et-Loire wishing to welcome or accompany Ukrainians can register on the platform : https://parrainage.refugies.info/ (French).

This platform lists different types of aid initiatives (professional integration, education, meetings/leisure), and in particular solidarity accommodation initiatives. It also puts volunteers in touch with associative partners, known to the State.

Legal entities can also get involved by filling out a form on https://www.demarches-simplifiees.fr/commencer/hebergement-personne-morale-ukraine (French). It is intended for legal entities only (a SIRET No. will be required), who wish to provide accommodation to host Ukrainian nationals.

I am hosting a refugee: you need support or answers to your questions

The French Red Cross is there to support you. Welcoming refugees is a very generous gesture. But it can raise many questions and concerns. This is normal and it is legitimate to ask and answer them.

To properly prepare for arrival and avoid major costs, we can provide you with hygiene products (shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.), as well as hydro-alcoholic gel and masks.

Time for exchange between hosts, supervised by French Red Cross volunteers specially trained will be offered regularly in order to share tips and tricks, to answer questions and to support you. You want to participate ? Please let us know by giving us your contact information at .

In case of misunderstandings, we can also organize a meeting with you, the people you are hosting and volunteers from the French Red Cross (translator and mediator).

I am hosting one or more refugees: tips for a successful arrival

Making a success of the first welcome is very important. Here are a few simple tips to put everyone at ease and set the rules for living together.

On arrival

Use a few words of Ukrainian to facilitate the meeting with your new hosts. Even if your pronunciation is stammering or bad, the effort will be greatly appreciated!

Take a tour of the house or apartment to get to know the place, but also to determine which space is for whom.

Explain the rules of the house. For example, consider answering the following questions:

  • Is there a time beyond which no more noise is allowed?
  • How do we clean up in shared spaces?
  • How do you regulate hot water so that there is enough for everyone?
  • How is waste sorted?
  • Where can we smoke?
  • Can we drink alcohol in the house?

Give the guests hygiene products and towels if they do not have any.

Show them how the machines work: coffee machine, washing machine, shower, stove and oven.

Give them your written address and phone number. Show them on a map of the city where the house is located. Take the opportunity to ask your guests where they are from, where their home town in Ukraine is located on a world map.

Tell each other about any health conditions that require it, e.g. frequent epileptic seizures, diabetes requiring the use of syringes, etc.

Allowing to keep in touch with loved ones and stay informed

List the ways to keep up to date with the news: TV channels, newspapers, radio, etc.

Give them access to the Internet: with Wifi codes to connect phones or with access to your computer.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones is essential. Be tolerant of communication times: in a country in conflict, in a refugee camp or on the road, it is not known at what time of day people have access to communication means or networks.

Give your full name and mailing address if the people you are hosting need to receive mail.

Getting to know each other

Prepare the first meals together: there are no major culinary differences, but cooking together will allow you to know what each one likes and to exchange around a common pleasure.

Learn each other’s language together: if everyone has fun learning a few everyday words from each other, communication will be easier and topics of discussion will come up by themselves!

A little sport together? Running or cycling? Or maybe a little gardening in the vegetable garden? How about knitting or sewing? Share simple hobbies that bring you closer together and that don’t require an overly specialized vocabulary.

The people you are caring for are going through a traumatic experience. They will need time, sensitivity and gentleness to connect with you. It is important to respect their silence and their rhythm, so do not insist on knowing the family history. It is their own experience and they will tell you about it when the time comes.

So that they can be independent

Show them how to use public transportation (where is the nearest bus or streetcar stop, which line to use to go downtown, to go to the local French Red Cross Unit, etc.).

Make the first few trips together: the nearest supermarket, the local Red Cross unit, the park to walk with the children, etc.

Should you give the key to your home? It is useful for the autonomy and freedom of movement of the people being hosted. It is important, when handing over the key, to set the rules: not to entrust the key to other people and to commit to replace the key in case of loss (making people responsible). If you don’t leave the key, you must discuss whether the people being hosted can stay in the home (without being locked in) during an absence (from a few hours to several days).

Other rules should be discussed together: can people from outside the home come in? Freely or by asking in advance? On weekends only? And do we notify each other of our respective absences so that no one worries?


Discuss together which meals are taken together. The rhythm of the day is not the same in Ukraine and meals do not take place at the same times. For example, there is no appetizer in Ukrainian culture (explain that people eat afterwards).

Determine how food purchases are divided.

Define together the rules for cooking, setting the table, washing the dishes, shopping.

Don’t hesitate to ask if there are any intolerances, allergies or specific eating habits (vegetarian, etc.).

Where can we eat? In the kitchen, the dining room, in the bedroom, in the garden or on the balcony?

And if you want to welcome your new guests with a recipe they know, discover the best of Ukrainian cuisine (French).

In short, the important thing is to communicate! And this, despite the language barrier. To help you, you can use applications like Google Translate.

I want to help in another way

The French Red Cross in Angers currently has the following needs (updated on 12/22/2022):

  • bilingual translators French / Ukrainian
  • personal hygiene products
  • new* underwear
  • new* seasonal clothes and shoes for children and teenagers
  • milk, diapers
  • games for teenagers
  • books or magazines in Ukrainian or Russian
  • books and methods for learning Ukrainian, Russian or French
  • financial donations

* : Only new underwear can be given to the people we welcome. New clothes can be given directly and in emergency without washing or sorting.

If you can help, please feel free to contact us at the email address: .

Financial donations

The Ukrainians will need continued and long-term support. The priority is to respond as precisely as possible to the humanitarian needs of all people affected by the conflict, both inside and outside Ukraine. In order to respond as quickly and as closely as possible to their needs, we need financial donations.

To help the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the victims of the conflict, but also to help us take care of the refugees, please make a donation: https://donner.croix-rouge.fr/urgence-ukraine/.